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Cosmetic Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon are NOT the Same

This may be touted as the Information Age, but there is no shortage of misinformation to go with it. From websites circulating false news stories to politicians spouting outright lies as if they were truth, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake. Misinformation is even a problem in the aesthetic world, where patients are having surgery done by doctors who claim to be “board-certified” when their real […]

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Don’t Forget Your Neck

People often fixate on their faces when they consider possible ways to combat the march of time. They see their crow’s feet and the lines on their foreheads, the smile lines and sagging cheeks. And they’ll opt to have a brow lift, a mid-face lift, possibly some filler injections. But they forget about what’s happening under their chin and on their neck. A neck lift with Dr. Herte can address […]

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eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery — the Secret Way to Take Off a Decade

The misperception is a part of being human. Sometimes we simply get our information wrong. It could be taking something a person said the wrong way. It could be reading too much into an offhand email. Or it could be thinking a person is sad or tired based on your reading of their droopy, hanging eyelids. And that person may be completely rested and happy with the world! Unfortunately, the […]

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Time to Tuck That Tummy?

Time and tummy are not friends. It’s not that you can’t have a flat tummy as you get older, but it is much harder than when you’re young. Your abdominal muscles at 50 simply aren’t what they were at 20. Plus, if you were once heavier and have lost the weight, your skin and muscle often maintain a certain amount of  looseness, a pooch. And that’s not even addressing those […]

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Changing Your Nose

Your nose is such an important feature of your face, dominating perceptions. If it’s out of balance with your other features, it can really become a focal point when a person looks at you. This is obviously the case with certain celebrities, pretty much all men, who’ve used bulbous noses to create memorable faces. The actors Jimmy Durante and Karl Malden come to mind. But for rest of us, a […]

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cosmetic procedures

A Look Back at Some Aesthetic Statistics

It’s always popular when the calendar turns over to a new year to look back and make lists from the past year. As we enter 2017, let’s take a look back at who was having what done in the aesthetic world. In Las Vegas, cosmetic procedures are more commonplace than many other areas and people are always interested in the most popular procedures. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery […]

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skin rejuvenation

Some Things You’re Doing to Beat Up Your Skin

All of us do things that our skin is not fond of. Face it, if our skin was the boss we’d all live like vampires and never venture out while the sun is up. But there are other things we do, stuff like going to bed with makeup on or continually switching between different skin care products, that aren’t exactly skin friendly either. Since Dr. Herte spends most days trying […]

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The Popular Mini Facelift

At the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery one of our most popular procedures is the mini facelift. This is an excellent procedure for mild facial aging that involves skin laxity. Because of its more limited goals and scope, a mini facelift requires shorter incisions and makes for an easier recovery when compared with a traditional facelift. Dr. Herte has extensive experience and expertise when it comes to mini facelifts. When […]

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Get Your Squeeze On with Compression Garments After Lipo

Our patients often wonder why they have to traipse around feeling like they’re wearing Spanx for weeks after they have liposuction. Isn’t the fat gone? So, what’s with the squeezing everything in? Dr. Herte recommends her patients wear compression garments for around six weeks following most liposuction procedures. There are three really good reasons why. Minimize the swelling, bruising, and pain You may think your body will heal itself, but […]

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Breast Augmentation

Implant Revision

Implant revision is not a popular procedure, but it usually is a necessary one. Before having augmentation, patients often wonder why someone would need revision surgery (unless an implant ruptures, obviously). But whether the cause is a less-than-ideal job done by another surgeon or a simple desire to change the size of the implants, there are a variety of reasons Dr. Herte performs implant revision surgery. Capsular contracture With any […]

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