Bat Wings are for Night Flyers, Not You

arm lift las vegasIn Las Vegas, we have no shortage of warm days that call for a sleeveless blouse or dress. But as we get older our upper arms areas aren’t on board with this fashion choice. The skin and muscle on the underside of the arms when we lift and move our arms can swing and flap. You may have heard of this referred to as “bat wings.”

The problem is that as you age, particularly if you’ve gained and lost a good deal of weight, the elasticity in the skin and support tissue of your upper arms is long gone. Now your arms flap when you move them, and no matter how many triceps exercises you perform, if you have saggy skin it won’t tighten back up.

Dr. Herte can perform an arm lift to make you eager to show off your upper arms.

Do you need an arm lift?

If you move your arm and the underside of the upper portion adjacent to your armpit is loose and moves back and forth, it’s probably time for an arm lift. If you avoid wearing sleeveless blouses all summer, it’s probably time for an arm lift.

The way to tell if an arm lift would be right is to try and tone up the area. If your muscles get stronger (meaning you can perform more repetitions) but your skin remains slack you know an arm lift could be the solution.

The arm lift procedure

An arm lift removes the excess skin and fat from the upper arms, creating a more contoured appearance. An incision is made on either the bottom of your arm or the backside. It usually runs from the elbow to the armpit. Dr. Herte then removes excess fat and skin and tightens the underlying muscles. When the procedure is complete, you’ll wear compression garments around your upper arms during your recovery to help them adapt to their new smaller, tighter contour.


After your arm lift, Dr. Herte advises most of her patients that they can return to work in about one week. Normal exercise and activity can return in about one month. Some swelling can be persistent, though, lasting up to three months. Scars will fade over the next 18 months to where they will not be overly noticeable.

Leave the bat wings to those denizens of the caves. Have Dr. Herte give you back the upper arms of your younger days. Call her at 702-732-9600 to make an appointment.

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