Get Your Squeeze On with Compression Garments After Lipo

Our patients often wonder why they have to traipse around feeling like they’re wearing Spanx for weeks after they have liposuction. Isn’t the fat gone? So, what’s with the squeezing everything in? Dr. Herte recommends her patients wear compression garments for around six weeks following most liposuction procedures. There are three really good reasons why. […]

Implant Revision

Implant revision is not a popular procedure, but it usually is a necessary one. Before having augmentation, patients often wonder why someone would need revision surgery (unless an implant ruptures, obviously). But whether the cause is a less-than-ideal job done by another surgeon or a simple desire to change the size of the implants, there […]

Some Liposuction Questions

Liposuction has become the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States for the simple reason that everyone, no matter how much they exercise or watch their diet, has pockets of fat that are stubborn and will not go away. Liposuction is the procedure that can make those pockets go away. Since Dr. Herte performs […]

Your Sagging Brow is Giving You a Bad Rep

Gravity doesn’t take no for an answer. It doesn’t take a trip to Provence. It’s always there pulling down the skin, underlying muscle, and tissue on your forehead. Facial expressions such as frowning and squinting do not help either. Before you know it you have creases between your eyebrows and your brows have acquired a […]

Turning Back the Clock with a Facelift

Our bodies age everywhere, but nowhere reminds us as much every morning as our faces. Decreasing collagen and volume loss combine with sun damage and skin that isn’t as supple as it once was to sag, crease, and create hollows that really make us look older. And we see it every morning looking right back […]

When Enough is Enough — Breast Reduction

With the number of breast augmentation procedures increasing every year, it may seem odd that a woman would opt to have her breast size decreased. But the truth is overly large breasts can become a burden, both physically and emotionally. In these cases, Dr. Herte performs breast reduction surgery to make the breasts smaller, more […]

You’ve Lost the Weight, Now Lose the Sag

  Losing weight is hard work. Losing a dramatic amount of weight requires serious life changes, whether you do it on your own or through bariatric surgery. But once you’ve done the hard work and are a shadow of your former self, what’s with all the hanging loose skin across your body? You have a […]

These Gummy Bears Aren’t Candy

If you’ve been considering having breast augmentation, you know you have many decisions to make beyond just the overall procedure. Of course, you’ll need to choose the type of implants you want. In the past you’ve had two choices, saline or silicone. But in 2012 a new type of implant entered your realm of options […]

Peeling Your Way to Better Skin

Chemical peels have been around as long as women have paid attention to the condition of their skin. Cleopatra could be the first true proponent, as she used the lactic acid from milk as a mild peel on her facial skin. At the Herte Center, we use TCA (trichloracetic acid) peels to freshen the complexions […]

Get to Know the Cool that is CoolSculpting®

Since we’ve recently added CoolSculpting® to our procedures offered at the Herte Center you may be interested in some more information about this revolutionary fat freezing procedure. Most people have heard about CoolSculpting®, but there is some mystery about how the whole process is done. Here’s some background on the science behind the procedure and […]

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