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If your body is not responding to your attempts to smooth away areas of excess fat with diet and exercise, you can now freeze your fat away to achieve a smoother more balanced and fit looking figure here in Las Vegas. Using the unique and highly scientific technology of CoolSculpting©, unwanted fat bulges can be frozen away with a non-invasive, non-surgical process. Over 3 million CoolSculpting© procedures have been performed attesting to the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

With CoolSculpting©, our Las Vegas CoolSculpting© team can help you smooth your figure, boost your confidence and expand your wardrobe choices! Without putting your life on hold for a surgical procedure!

CoolSculpting© provides safe and effective non-surgical fat reduction for troublesome fat deposits for both men and women, making it easier to achieve your ideal figure, and your personal best!

Treatment Options

While CoolSculpting© is a great option for the treatment of fat bulges, skin or muscle laxity is not treated with this technology. When considering CoolSculpting©, keep an open mind regarding surgical options, so that more complex issues can be addressed by a procedure that can truly address the area that bothers you.

When you have your consultation with Dr. Herte about CoolSculpting©, Dr. Herte will evaluate each problem area and suggest the best approach from a wide spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical treatment modalities. When CoolSculpting© is elected as the best choice for the area as well as your lifestyle and needs, Dr. Herte will select and recommend the specific shape and size vacuum applicator that will fit the area of excess fat, as well as recommend how many applications will be needed to achieve the desired coverage and correction in each area.
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How does CoolSculpting© work?

CoolSculpting© is a highly studied process whereby specially designed suction attachments vacuum the target fatty area into a suction cup to hold the skin and fat layer against the cooling plates. The cooling plates chill the skin and fat to a subzero temperature. The low temperatures cause injury to the fat but leave the skin unharmed. After shocking the fat with such low temperatures, a proportion of the fat cells die and the dead cells are cleared by the body‘s natural clean-up process without triggering the inflammation process that accompanies the surgical healing process.

How long does it take for the cold injured fat to be cleared from the body after CoolSculpting© treatment?

Early changes in contour may be visible as early as 3 weeks after your CoolSculpting© session. The entire process and full result may take up to about 12 weeks. The process is gradual.

How will I feel during the CoolSculpting© procedure?

Most people feel a very strong uncomfortable suction feeling as the vacuum attachment draws the tissue to be treated into the vacuum cup and into contact with the cooling plates. Once the cooling is initiated, you may feel achy cold sensations as your tissues chill to proper temperature (about 3 to 5 minutes). Once full cooling is achieved, the area will be numb and you will most likely chat comfortably, use your phone or read while the treatment progresses. Some patients even catnap!

What can I expect after CoolSculpting©?

Over the next few days most people look and feel a bit bruised (from the vacuum) and the cold may cause some temporary numb feelings or muscle aches in the area, especially if the abdomen was treated. Sometimes Tylenol or Advil may be needed for discomfort and if you are bothered at night time, Tylenol PM or Benadryl Allergy (plain) may make falling asleep easier. Certainly, if you experience anything that you feel is out of the ordinary, you should call the office for advice.

How many treatments will it take to get my best result?

CoolSculpting© is a gradual and stepwise fat reduction process. Your first treatment of the area will likely result in about a 20-25% reduction in the fat layer. If this satisfies you, then you do not have to re-treat. Most patients will go forward with a second treatment of the area to blend and enhance the result.

How long does a CoolSculpting© treatment take?

Each application of the vacuum attachment has a cooling cycle of approximately one hour. Each side of the body is a separate application. So a multiple area treatment of the abdomen, for example, may require 3 or 4 hours of treatment cycles (right, left, upper, lower).

The CoolSculpting© manufacturer is introducing a new applicator series called CoolAdvantage© which will take only 35 minutes for a full cooling cycle. This will be a great time saver for our patients! So, our patients starting their treatments now will have their second treatment series using this new time saving technology. We expect to receive our new applicators in August or September when they are released for full distribution and use.

Why CoolSculpting© for body contouring?

The real benefit of CoolSculpting© is that there is no down-time after the procedure. It is totally non-invasive. There is no need for anesthesia, no needles and no incisions. Cooling is a natural anesthetic! You can come in for your treatment and go out for dinner or back to work afterwards. It is a gradual and natural process that uses the body’s own system to break down and dispose of the cold damaged fat cells. Fat cells that are cleaned up are removed permanently.

Health problems that may disqualify you for surgery may not be of any concern with this simpler procedure, so more patients are able to have

CoolSculpting© even if surgery would not be a good idea for them.

CoolSculpting© is for fat reduction. If you have areas of excessive fat under your skin, most likely CoolSculpting© will work for you.

CoolSculpting© is a great option for troublesome fat deposits for both men and women.

What does CoolSculpting© not work for? CoolSculpting© only works on fat (skin is spared) so loose skin and loose muscle or muscle bulges are not treated. Fat that is inside the abdominal cavity (visceral fat) cannot be treated with CoolSculpting©.

What costs are involved with CoolSculpting©?

CoolSculpting© is priced per application of the cooling device, so each area will have a separate treatment and a separate charge. Significant savings are awarded with package pricing of multiple treatments when purchased at the same time. Individual treatments are more costly when purchased singly. These prices are fairly uniform due to manufacturer agreements with CoolSculpting© practices. To find out how many applications you will need to get the results you are looking for, a consultation is needed to evaluate the suggested treatment areas and estimate your costs.

How do I get started with CoolSculpting©?

Your next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Herte to evaluate your concerns and determine if CoolSculpting© is right for you! She will examine the areas of concern and map the treatment areas and determine the types and number of CoolSculpting© applications you will need to achieve your shapeliest figure.

For your convenience, we also offer regular group consultations to shorten your wait times for consultation with Dr. Herte, so that you can get started right away!

Call the Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Las Vegas today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Herte, or to speak to our Patient Care Coordinator with any questions you may have. 702.732.9600

CoolSculpting© is a unique, highly effective, scientifically proven non-surgical approach to body fat reduction that can help you reach your ideal sleek and fit appearing figure! Read more about CoolSculpting© on our blog!