Patient Testimonials

“Dear Dr Herte: I just wanted to say thanks for.…my surgery, you did a great job and I am very happy with the results! I have had only positive reactions! Thank you so much! I’ll see you (soon)! “

– J. N., Patient

“Thank you all for taking such good care of me during my transformation. I appreciate it! (Of course “no pain no gain” has new meaning with plastic surgery! LOL) “

– Love, hugs and kisses! P. J., Patient

“Dear Dr Herte I want to thank you for …(my) complimentary facial! I loved seeing Robin and my face looks wonderful! Hopefully, I will see you soon, thanks so much!”

– S. M., Patient

“Dear Dr Herte & Staff: Many, many thanks to you!”

– V., Patient

“Hi! Just a quick note to thank you again for the New Beauty magazine! It (had) a wonderfully thoughtful article which I passed around to at least a dozen of my friends! ….I do appreciate the thought. Take care and see you at the end of May!”

– W. T, Patient

“Dear Dr Herte and Maria: Just a note to thank you for the darling goodbye card that was signed by everyone; it means so much! I’m all packed, the rental truck is loaded and after 40 years of living in Vegas, I’m off for…..a new life with (my childhood sweetheart). Thank you so much for all your excellent treatment over the past year in spite of my stubborn (problems). Maria and Dr Herte, you were both so persistent! I will be back in Vegas in July for my 40 year class reunion and will hopefully make an appointment to see you for a checkup then. Special thanks to Chris, Shelby, Renda, Debbie, and your anesthesiologist!”

– Affectionately, J, Patient

“Thank you for all your time and generosity! You helped make me comfortable before and after my surgery. Maria’s work on me with the ultrasound machine was great and I really enjoyed her company! I am very happy with (my) results!”

– Best wishes, M. K., Patient

“Thanks to you and your staff for all you’ve done to make me the shapely women I’ve wanted to be for so long! …I am a very happy, happy girl!”

– Carla, Patient

“My most sincere thanks to you (Dr. Herte) and all of your staff. You’ve helped me attain what I thought impossible… you are all wonderful and most kind.”

– D.L., Patient

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my ugly fat!”

– Forever thankful, J. M., Patient

“I am thrilled with the results (of my surgery) and the extras I received! Thank you to your wonderful staff and everything you and the girls did for me!”

– H. G., Patient

“Dr Herte… thank you… you (have a) wonderful staff”

– H.C., Patient

“Dear Dr Herte and staff: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’ve gained so much since my surgery, now it’s your turn! (referencing Dr. Herte’s facelift!) You’ve made me a “better me” Thank you!”

– J. , Patient

“Dear Dr Mary and Maria: I look gorgeous and all my bruises are close to gone already! “

– J. A., Patient

“I would like to thank you so much for your kindness! I always feel so comfortable and welcomed every time I come into your office… I really appreciate that! Thank you also for always being so thoughtful and kind to my monster boys! They just love coming in to see everyone and make mommy a nervous wreck! Thanks again for everything!”

– J.B., Patient

“Dr Herte: Thank you for your special care!”

– L., B. & M., Patient

“(Dr. Herte), you have made me look and feel great!”

– Love, Angela, Patient

“Thanks for the great “you-know-what” job!”

– M.B., Patient

“Words can’t express how I feel regarding the care I got from all of you. Thank you all so much (for your): Love, Trust, Intelligence, Work, Spice, Confidence, Presence, Passion, Wisdom, Balance, Direction, Self Expression, Courage, Friendship.”

– P. S., Patient

“Dr Herte and staff: Thank you so much for putting up with my fears, questions, constant phone calls and crazy questions!! Please ….have lunch on me!! You all deserve it! You are all amazing!!”

– R., Patient

“Dear Dr Herte: Just a note to give a big thank you to you and your wonderful staff for the help and advice given to me on my recent fall and possible problem with one of my implants. I really appreciate your taking the time to check things out to alleviate the concern I had.”

– Regards, B, Patient

“Dear Dr Herte and Team: I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful care you gave to me! It’s been almost 4 weeks since my surgery and I am so pleased with the results! The definition that was given to my face and waist line is amazing! Thanks again for everything and I will see you again for my next procedure!”

– S. R., Patient

“Dear Dr Herte and everyone: Thank you so much! Words cannot express my appreciation for the warm and caring atmosphere of your office. Thanks for being in my life! “

– Sincerely with love, J. J., Patient

“Thank you so much for all your loving care!”

– Sincerely, C., Patient

“Dr Herte, Thank you for all you do! You are special!”

– Sincerely, J. P., Patient

“Dr Herte, Maria, And Staff, I want to thank you all for being there with your patience and kindness….you are all so professional and listen like no other. The best care I’ve ever had EVER. May you all have the best holiday…. Thank you for just being there, I can’t say it enough.”

– Sincerely, M. V., Patient

“Dr Herte: We deeply believe what you do for others has added a plus for those that have illnesses or conditions that affected them physically. You went up and beyond and I know what you’ve done for us has truly felt like a new beginning and healing towards a more positive feeling of moving forward and feeling beautiful again on the outside. Your experience and skills are truly remarkable!! Thank you for everything and the compassionate care you’ve given. “

– Sincerely, R. & S., Patient

“Dear Dr Herte and Staff: Thank you so very much for all the wonderful care you gave to me and are still giving to me now. I am so impressed and happy with the results of my chin implant and neck lift. I feel so much better about myself! My self esteem has improved a great deal. I feel very blessed that I found you all. You made me feel so comfortable; all of your kindness went a long way.”

– Thanks! E.L., Patient

“Thanks (Dr. Herte) with all my heart for your help! God bless you and your hands for helping in such a bad time.”

– Thanks! K. T., Patient

“Dear Dr Herte and Staff: Thank you so much for all your “TLC”! I am thrilled to finally have gotten my (breast) reduction surgery and lift. I dreamed of doing this for so long and now its reality. All of you have made it such a pleasant experience! All of my stress was in vain as my recovery and the surgery went so well! Thank you for your care and guidance.”

– Warmest regards L. S., Patient

“A special women, a gifted surgeon, a caring soul, I admire and appreciate you, Dr. Herte, not only as an incredible, caring, kind doctor, but most importantly as a human being. Thank you for being who you are. I know no one who would have cared as much, or put as much thought into what they did, as you did for me. Thank you. You have made a difference in my life, you have left an impression that will stay with me always. You sincerely cared and went the extra mile. Live joyfully!”

– Yours truly, K.B., Patient