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Skin rejuvenation with a surgical level chemical peel is an excellent way to freshen your complexion with a single procedure. TCA chemical peel is primarily recommended for rough texture and pigmentation problems and is not effective for deep lines. Dr. Mary C. Herte has a wide experience with various types of skin rejuvenation procedures including CO2 laser resurfacing, Fraxel laser resurfacing and all types of chemical peel procedures. At our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Herte can help you select the best skin rejuvenation procedure to fit your lifestyle and special concerns.

Choosing Your Chemical Peel

Chemical peels have a long history of effectiveness in rejuvenating the skin. When choosing your skin rejuvenation procedure, you need to discuss with Dr. Herte your problem areas, lifestyle and recovery time available. The best use of a TCA peel is to reduce over-pigmentation problems, including “mask of pregnancy”. Since TCA chemical peel is a surgical level peel, you will need time off from your normal activities during your recovery. Usually one week is sufficient to complete your peeling, with dryness of the skin for a few more days. Pinkness may persist for another week or so.

Old-fashioned phenol chemical peels are rarely performed anymore, but remain an excellent choice for patients with very pale skin, deep wrinkling and at least 2 weeks off of work. Healing is much more involved and uncomfortable. In these same patients, CO2 laser technology can target deep lines with more reliable control of peel depth, so in the right patient, Dr. Herte prefers this approach over chemical peels to treat deep wrinkling.

Fraxel® Laser Resurfacing is another option to consider for effective treatment of over-pigmentation, wrinkles and general skin texture. Fraxel® uses a multiple treatment approach and requires much less down time.

Goals of treatment, as well as available recovery time, are the primary determining factors in choice of your peel, so a full discussion of these issues with Dr. Herte is essential.

The TCA Chemical Peel Procedure

Application of such a strong chemical to your skin causes a very strong stinging sensation, so Dr. Herte prefers to place you under a general anesthetic for a few minutes for your comfort. After the procedure, you may feel a bit like you have a sun burn. An occlusive ointment like Aquaphor® is recommended for comfort, as well as the use of iced compresses. The day of the procedure your skin will look a bit pink and then bronzing will develop and the pigmentation areas will darken and lift. You will look similar to the times when you have actually peeled from a sun burn and, eventually over your recovery week, peel in sheets. Most of your pigmentation will peel off and once the dry peeling is complete, pink, smooth and more even-toned skin will be revealed. The new skin is fragile and avoidance of irritation, rubbing and sun exposure are critical during that pink and vulnerable stage over the next few weeks.

Both pre-procedure and afterwards, use of a prescription bleaching agent (4% hydroquinone) is recommended to prevent recurrence of your pigmentation. Dr. Herte frequently recommends the use of the Obagi® System before and after your skin peel for best rejuvenation, pigmentation reduction and maintenance of your result.

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If you have questions about how TCA chemical peel can freshen and rejuvenate your skin, contact our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery center today, and speak to our helpful and very knowledgeable staff. During your in-depth consultation, Dr. Mary Herte will discuss your options for skin rejuvenation and help you choose your best treatment program for a more beautifully fresh and clear complexion. Schedule your consultation today.

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