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What Our Patients Are Saying:

“So today I just got my first ever lip filler done (Juvederm Ultra Plus) !! And let me just tell you, it didn’t hurt at all!! My experience with the whole Herte team was so wonderful!! A special shout out to Hollie Tyler Nurse Practioner, for making me feel so comfortable and doing an excellent job. Thank you so much!” – Nicole W

“I love the injections that I got! Holly is awesome! Looking forward to becoming a regular patient and also meeting Dr Mary Herte, all the staff is welcoming and professional and helpful! Nice place” 🙂 – Susan S

“Outstanding! Professional, organized and great work. Mary Herte performed excellent work for me. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Their follow up also very good. I strongly recommend!” – Michael D

“Anyone curious about learning what you should do to help improve the effects of aging should book a consult with Dr. Herte. She will listen to you and give you expert advice on all of your options. Regardless if you want something small or the works, you are in good hands with her and her staff. She is a perfectionist and will do everything in her power to make you happy. She listens, is personable and just top notch in every way! Seriously, even if you are getting something somewhere else, get a second opinion by Dr Herte just to be on the safe side. Also, I priced some laser procedures with my dermatologist and her prices were the same or better, but the service i received from her laser tech Debbie far outweighed the service I received from my dermatologist, hands down!! I get asked all the time about my skin and tell everyone about Dr. Herte. I am 62 years old and am so happy a friend recommended her to me.” – Lin R

“I have been a client of Dr. Herte’s for quite a while, and always have a wonderful experience when I visit her office. The Dr. is the best in town, along with her staff. Sandra, in particular, is always so pleasant and professional… giving each client her full attention and personal touch. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a cosmetic procedure or service.” – Lorie H

“Dr. Herte performed breast augmentation on me in 2013, and 6 years later, I couldn’t be happier. I chose silicon implants under the muscle and not only am I still pleased with the size, I am even more pleased of how natural they still look. Dr. Herte is amazing at breast augmentation and has impeccable bed side manner!! Thank you Dr. Herte for giving me confidence and beautiful breasts!!” – Tonilynn T

“Dr Herte and her entire staff is amazing. The level of care and detail you receive is excellent.” – Dawn G

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Herte for years. She and her staff are friendly, professional and always provide the highest quality of service and results.” – Christie

“Holly did a fantastic job, very happy with my results. The office was professional and efficient. More importantly everything was at a high standard of care” – Karla B

“I had an appointment with Holly. She is very professional and addressed my concerns. Loved her suggestions and the results. She asked me to come back for a follow up .Every one was very friendly and caring.” – Rose M

“Just wanted to take the time to give Hollie a shout out for the excellent service that she provides at Dr. Herte’s. I have been going to Hollie since she started working there. She is a pleasure to know and always takes the time to evaluate you, recommend certain procedures to improve your appearance. She suggests and let’s you take the lead. She is very professional and gentle with the injections and Hollie takes her time and puts you at ease, offering ‘Teddy’ the bear for support. I started off with Dr. Herte with Botox and boy did that make a difference. I also had Dr. do my first fillers, had flat cheeks and I really saw the difference. Hollie then has done my Botox every 3 months and has also done my lips and under eye area to make those dark circles look less dark by plumping them up a little. Then I had my hands done. Hands on a woman do tell your age and since I am 70 my hands were ‘loose’ and thin and those veins really stood out. After the injection everything was more youthful, not like a 20 year old but so much better. Hollie is my ‘fixer upper’ go to person. You may have ‘good bones’ but we all can use a little makeover when needed. I highly recommend Hollie and Dr. Herte’s office for your improvements. The entire staff is friendly, available to help and support you and your needs” – Kathleen D

“I was very hesitant to move forward with Botox, even after my husband & sisters said, “its time”. :). After calling the office, my first impression was, friendly, fast and supportive. Cristina answered all of my questions and assured me my consultation would ease my fears. She was right!! I met with Hollie and she gave me a thorough “exam” having me move my face in difference expressions and explained exactly what each Botox injection would do. I was fearful of looking “frozen” and “unnatural” but she assured me I would still have some movement (which is what I wanted). She was patient with me and eased the pain of the injections with numbing cream. 2 weeks after my injections I could really notice the difference and the results were AMAZING! So much so, I’ve booked 2 more appointments to stay up with it. I highly recommend The Herte Center & Hollie Tyler, APRN!!!!!” – Jessica L

“Omg!!!! I cannot stop looking at my reflection in any reflective surface!!! I had a nonsurgical chin and nose job done and WOW!!!!!! Finding Dr.Herte and her team was truly a gift from God. I had no clue making a few tweaks in my appearance could do so much, but it really has. I know beauty comes from within, but now I feel like I look as pretty outside as I do in! For me, this was one of the best (and most fun) decisions I’ve made for myself EVER” – April C

“I’ve had my fair share of elective surgeries and I love my doctors but when I moved to Vegas I had to search out from a wide selection and all stated that they were the best. Gratefully someone told me about Dr Herte and I booked an appointment for a consultation. All of the staff are kind and efficient. Dr Herte came in and explained what I needed to fix my situation. She made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. I booked my surgery and have been extremely satisfied with my results. Shortly after surgery I had over exerted myself and I had some scaring issues that I thought I’d have to have surgery to fix but Dr Herte worked with me to fix everything without another surgery. They are the best!!!” – Tina P

“Pre-menopause changed my breast. I originally had implants put in because I didn’t have much fullness. Once I hit 42 years old, my breast tissue began to grow. With my own tissue and my breast implants my chest became large and heavy. I could not find shirts to fit me properly and I became very unhappy with my body image. I consulted with Dr. Herte and she confirmed that I did indeed grow a lot of breast tissue. She said it sometimes happens but is not common. She gave me the option to remove my implants and do a breast lift. In November I decided it was time. Dr Herte has her own operating room and the staff was amazing from the first phone call!! It says a lot about a doctor if they have staff that has been employed with her 14+ years. I really felt like they all truly care about me and my final results. This procedure was life changing for me! I can now wear clothes that show my shape and best of all I feel comfortable in my own skin. I highly recommend Dr. Herte! She gets it, as a woman physician she understands the struggles we go through.”

“I went to Dr Herte concerned with always looking tired and the dark circles under my eyes. I had tried tear trough filler and it helped a little but not much and sometimes looked worse. She recommended lower blephroplasty to remove the fat pads under my eyes. My experience was amazing at the Herte Center. Surgery was quick and easy. I only had very slight bruising and was back to work quickly. My follow up appointments kept me on track with recovery. My eyes look perfect now! I’m going to back to have breast augmentation next month!” -Hollie

“Best thing I have ever done for myself. Dr. Herte and her staff are consummate professionals. Every step of the way was so easy, they are all very kind, and know exactly what they are doing. My results are AMAZING. I look and feel 15 years younger without looking “done”. Dr. Herte totally gets it. Their processes are like a well- choreographed dance, everything, from first consult to 5 months post op check up is so smooth. I am a nurse, and am extremely busy, and the staff all go above and beyond to accommodate my insane schedule. They are very accessible for questions any time. I wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere for any procedure, and I 1000% recommend Dr. Herte and her team.” -Laurie F.

“I have been going to Dr. Herte since the early 2000’s. I started with just facials and microdermabrasion treatments. I had sever cystic acne all of my young adult life which resulted in deep acne scars. Anyone who has had scars knows that when in a certain light those scars become more pronounced and your self-esteem goes down. Back in my teenage years there was not very many options to try. At Dr. Herte’s office they offer one of the best procedures to help minimize acne scars. In 2018 I started the 6 laser Resurfacing program in July and my last one was January 2019. I cannot express my satisfaction in words on how pleased I was from the first one that I had. I actually could see a visible difference right from the start. I cannot believe how my face changed, the way it looks, smooth and hardly any noticeable scars. I could go outside without makeup! You really have to try this to see the difference it can make whether it is wrinkles, improving the texture of your skin or like me at 70 years of age, acne scars. I wish they had this way back then Another procedure that I had done is Cool Sculpting. I first tried it in 2017 and you can see and feel the difference. My ‘muffin’ tops went away and those ‘flab’ areas in the back went way down. I just had another round a few months ago because of those hard to get rid of areas of fat. You will have to watch your weight because fat is fat and it will come back. I have also had fillers done on the advice of Dr. Herte and Hollie. It improved my facial expressions and contributed with me feeling and looking like I am in my 30-40’s, maybe 50’s but I do not look my age which is great!! Love to fool people. The staff at Dr. Herte’s is just wonderful. They are very nice, supportive and informative on what is available to help you achieve a new you. If you are looking to be a better you I highly recommend Dr. Herte. Thank you everyone for improving my life.” -Kathy D

“I truly feel blessed to have found Dr. Herte and her seriously fantastic team. I did a ton of research beforehand, and not only did they live up to what I was looking for, but by far exceeded my expectations! I cannot say enough good things about every experience so far, starting from the first call and visit. They are hands down the best staff of any office I have EVER been in of any type. Honestly. I look forward to my visits more than I can say. I feel like a cared about friend, never anything less. My only regret is not doing this sooner! I have only had one treatment (in a series of five) and I am blown away by the results and it’s just the beginning! I get stopped in the middle of talking to receive compliments on my skin and that is something that has NEVER happened before. And I’m 44! I cannot wait to see the final results!!! Their dedication to being top notch is apparent in every aspect. I recommend this place to anyone looking for the best of the best.”

“The amount of research I did truly paid off this time for sure! The entire experience so far has been absolutely wonderful. I have never encountered an entire staff of such genuine and skilled as they are here. Honestly. The whole experience from the first time I called is already exceeding my expectations. I have only completed the first in a series of 5 laser skin treatments and the results are so much more than I could have dreamt they’d be, and it’s only the beginning! For almost all of my 44 years I’ve felt humiliated by my acne scars and now I get stopped mid conversation to receive compliments on it. I cannot wait to see the rest of the magic unfold! I am so excited to go back again!!!” -April C

“I always feel amazing after my facials with Dallin! She truly loves how she makes you look and feel beautiful.”

“Dr. Herte is fabulous. Her work is that of a true artist. She performed a brow lift on me as well as corrected my sagging upper and lower eyelids. She’s confident, caring and careful. No one noticed that I had surgery, but everyone confirmed that I looked younger and more refreshed. Her staff is awesome as well. A+++” -Sarah P

“I recently had a rhinoplasty at the Herte Center. I was extremely nervous to even consult with Dr. Herte, nonetheless to undergo surgery. From my initial consultation with Dr. Herte to the months of follow up post surgery, the staff has been nothing short of amazing. The staff built a genuine relationship with me both before and after surgery, made sure all of my questions were answered, and have made it a point to personally check up on my progress and show genuine excitement each and every time I see them. My worries and anxiety were completely put at ease throughout the whole process, which went smoother than I ever could have imagined. Dr. Herte is a brilliant surgeon who listened to my concerns and transformed them into the most natural revision. I’m so grateful for everyone at the Herte Center and can not recommend them more!” -Leah B

“Dr Herte is a wonderful doctor and I would not go anywhere else. She helped change my life with an Abdominoplasty for weight loss and a Brachioplasty and Liposuction. Dr Herte is so skilled at her profession, she is also an artist as I have now started using Botox and Fillers. Everything always looks natural. She is kind and compassionate. She has taken great care of me as I had a healing complication and she was with me all the way. I have friends whos doctors have deserted them after a couple of post op visits. I love her so much. Dr Herte is the best. As I said I will never go anywhere else.
Now, Yesi, Cali, Christina, Trish and Sandra are all the absolute best and have also been a huge part of a 140 pound weight loss transformation to the new me! I love you all so much. Thank YOU ALL!!!
Dalin, has helped me look years younger, she is an excellent Aesthetician, thank you!
Tina is a great RN and is my Coolscuplting girl. Thank you Tina
And last but not least Debbie! She is the best, so sweet and kind, makes you feel so comfortable and safe as you are going into surgery. You feel great knowing she is there. Thank you Debbie !!!
The best part is the surgical suites are right at Dr. Herte’s office.
Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart” -Kristi A

“I have been a patient of Dr Herte’s over 12 yrs. I’ve had 2 major surgeries (total face lift and tummy tuck) plus fillers over the years. She is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the valley, not only by my opinion but by several doctors I know. Her offices and surgery center are pristine and her staff are VERY knowledgable of her services. If they don’t have an answer to your question they find out from the doctor quickly. Anyone seeking any of these services would do themselves a disservice by not seeking her out! ” -Marianne H.

“Dr. Herte and Robin are just amazing. Kudos to the entire team and staff who knows everyone by name, and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Herte takes the time to get to know you, and makes sound recommendations. She’s not just trying to sell you! Robin takes extreme pride in her specialty and it shows in the results. The quality of facial and skin care provided is far better than any other place in town. You can tell they never take any shortcuts and always provide more than expected. The new location and center is complete state of the art, and I highly recommend taking the time to visit and see for yourself. Thanks to the whole team for everything you do!” – Scott M.

“Top notch Doctor! Day one of Botox and I look and feel Amazing! Dr. Herte was very professional, kind, and caring. She took her time to make sure she was accurate and even surprised me with a few areas I did not know could be fixed. I do not have any bruising and the procedure was painless. I will be scheduling a few nips and tucks in the very near future with her. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and looking a few years younger 🙂 If you are looking to have anything done, stop looking, you have found the right surgeon.” -Cindy I.

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